Thursday, May 17, 2012

Return to Happiness - Brand Wagon 2012


Old elixir, New media… for marketing brands in India

To understand this phenomenon from a marketing (consumer psychology) perspective, let us first recap key demographic changes impacting consumer psyche in India.

ü  The poverty line is sinking down the Indian pyramid of consumers.  
ü  The 'have's v/s Have-not's ratio' is balancing more evenly from it’s polarised past.  
ü  The middle class burgeons with new migrant consumers rising from the bottom of the pyramid.
ü  Consumer focus shifts from personal financial security to social issues.
ü  Eroding emotional quotient in daily life creates unspent emotional energy

The Socio-Economic Factor . . .
Economies are being driven by new consumers with their fundamental securities in place, delight needs move outside the personal arena, room for selfless thought, create aspirations of giving and green living changing the priority tables of consumers.

Happiness through giving, sharing, and eco-conservation are the new aspirations, after realizing happiness attained  by consuming goods and services is only transient, and that true happiness is in communal living, thus connecting dots of the like-minded creating a common subliminal ‘delight need’ in the huge mass of initiated consumers today.

With happiness being the gateway into other deeper elements such as empathizing, giving and sharing,
happiness is percolating amongst the wider TG (Target Groups)as the lowest common denominator.

Impact from changing Lifestyles and truncated EQ’s. . .
Since marketing is the science for consumer psyche, happiness is becoming the most effective value proposition in India. The erosion of emotions and happiness from audiences' lives, due to the following factors:
ü  Growing indulgence with growing purchase power,
ü  Indulgence in technology such as TV, the web & mobiles dominating waking hours.
ü  Marginalised proximity with kith and kin
ü  Proliferation of Nano and Nuclear family formats

The factors below create an emotional void due to unconsumed emotional energy, which then gets lured by larger causes and peeves of the world outside their own personal lives. 

To conclude. . .
The science of consumer psychology has always had happiness high in the aspirations mix when creating messaging and value propositions.  The role played by economic evolution thru the Indian demography has brought 'happiness' to the forefront in value propositions in brand communication these days, as it has become the key pulse (Lowest Common Denominator) amongst Indian emotions.

Few of the current ‘happy’ campaigns. . .
ü  Coca-Cola (Open Happiness, A Happier Tomorrow),
ü  Dominos (Khushiyon ki Home delivery),
ü  BMW -  (Joy is Timeless),
ü  Cadbury's Chocolates (Pure Happiness, Pure Cadburyness),
ü  Moser Baer (Hello Happiness)
ü (Happy Hour, Every Hour)
ü  Raghu Dixit Project – ‘Harbinger of Happiness’

Parting Thought . . .
Last, but far from the least, Raghu Dixit Project is being seen as the ‘Harbingers’ of Happiness, as their music is about stopping and enjoying the happiness you find, instead of only chasing it.  The positive energy Raghu exudes through his music further catalysed but simple yet deep lyrics, and the amazing accompaniment by their latest find Parth on the flute, ooze cheer and happiness  all around.

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