Monday, April 22, 2013

An open letter to The Hon. President of India on holistic and practicable solutions to reduce depravities, sexual crimes, improve police sensitivity and morale, and make women feel safe enough to focus on progress rather than protection. Dated:22/4/2013 - Delhi Rape Delhi Rapes - Practical solutions - Punish Rapists - Rape Deterrents - Minors Rape - Police hand in growth of Rapes

An open letter to The Hon. President of India on holistic and practicable solutions to reduce depravities, sexual crimes, improve police sensitivity and morale, and make women feel safe enough to focus on progress rather than protection. Dated:22/4/2013

(emailed to Smt. Omita Paul, Secretary to The Honourable President of India)

Dear Mr. President,
We write this letter with hope that you will respond to the solutions mooted herein to deal with the root cause of the problem.  We were prompted to write this letter to you as the rest of the country is fuming with anger and vengeful spite, there is no moderate discussion on the causative factors and practicable solutions to control this epidemic of psychological disorders that are turning Indian men into devious perverted criminals.
This is a clinical approach to analyze and resolve this problem with definitive and holistic solutions which will not just control this spurt of current crimes, but address deeper cardinal issues driving the spread of this disease into an epidemic.
Your acknowledgement of this letter and your valuable comments would reassure us that adequate measures and right-thinking minds are working on ‘real’ solutions and that this furore in the country will not be doused till the next heinous crime surfaces.
Thanking you with good faith and hope,
Yours Sincerely,

Love Baronia.
Indian Citizen.
Cc: Hon. Union Home Minister of India.

 “Every minute in India, the modesty of the ‘weak’ is being exploited, gender, age, status no bar.”
 “Majority of these cases go unreported, swept under the blood-drenched Indian rug.”
The brutality and detail in the recent minors' rapes are indicative of the deviant mutation in the rapists' psychology created by long-term sexual repression and consequent perversion.

Protecting Women in a Patriarchal Society
Rapes are more commonplace and acceptable in our patriarchal environment, where men make the policies, men police the weak and mostly, men judge the accused. If you look lower down the pyramid, where 70% of India still subsists, the revered Indian men call the shots in Indian homes. The by-product of the patriarchy is that rapes are becoming acceptable phenomena and only classified as domestic rape or  husband/uncle/neighbour type of rape.
Epidemic of Psychological Disorders in Indian males
The last crime though, prompts us to not just categorize the rape, but dig deeper to analyze the criminal psychologies or pathologies of the rapists. The rapists are a part of a booming population of sexually perverted men fuelled by sexual repression in Indian society. 
Despite being the country that aboriginally inked the Science of Sex to the rest of the world, treats the same as a taboo. 
In a country where subsidies are a way of life, whether it is fuels, mid day meals, food grains and even housing.  The policy makers over the years have neglected a vital civic need for so long that the need turned into a disease which thanks to media is now being seen as an epidemic which Indian women are being forced to live with for decades now.
It would be prudent to begin with understanding the macro problems, causative factors and triggers of this growing epidemic.

The Root Causes of Rapes
Indicators of the growing demand-supply gap of adults:sexual outlets in India.
1.       Multiple Husbands in a village in Haryana
2.       Phenomenal growth of girl child and women trafficking in India
3.       Meteoric Growth of escort services and massage parlours in India
4.       Dozens of Rapes come out of the closet with media support  since the Nirbhaya case
The blue-collared Delhi men haven’t become ‘hornier’ in the last three months since the ‘nirbhaya’ indicator.  It is just that powered by media support, more and more cases are coming out of the closet, normally locked shut by the family, or nipped in the bud by cops.  Even today, only a fraction of the real volumes of rape cases are being reported.
“ If the reportage was 100%, rape statistics would be easily comparable with the no. of weddings/accidents/robberies in the same time-span for any geographic on India.”
Gender Imbalance
The gender imbalance is a viscous circle, men want sons, not daughters, as the daughter’s modesty needs to be protected and saved till a groom can be found for them at an increasingly ill-affordable price (please read as dowry). Further, they do not add to the MHI.  The man-made imbalance has left few women in India per man.  So, their libidos are now screaming for release in our sexually repressed environment, even hunting hapless minors.  Till such time, the policy makers do not change their attitude towards altering the age-old gender prejudice.
The least reported crime
The social stigma in the 70% third-world demographic of our country, and the prospect of feeding the raped daughter at home for life, since no one will marry her are not deterrents enough.  In many cases in rural India, the entire village boycotts the rape victim’s family for disclosing the calamity. As such, who will dare to be singled out and socially stoned as a tainted family in the neighbourhood, so that explains why 97% rapes are swept under the rug in India. The perpetrators see this as a crime with the least chances of getting caught, leave alone convicted, and even if the family is senile enough to complain, poverty-stricken thus corrupt cops, are easily saleable to shield the criminals.
Lack of adequate & affordable sexual release infrastructure for underprivileged
“In a country unable to provide adequate urinals for citizens, obviously focus on sexual release infrastructure has clearly not been on the civic or social agenda.”  
Sex is largely an illicit or unorganised private market in India, whether it is trafficking of girls and women, screening of pornographic films in video parlours, growth of call-girl services garbed as escort services and massage parlours.  Most of the sexual release services cater to citizens with comfortable expendable incomes. 
“The poor and blue-collared Indian male’s sexuality is left to brew up a perverted storm in his frustrated mind.”
Social irregularities and imbalances retain rape as an accepted reality of Indian women.  It is imperative to deliberate on some simple solutions for the safety of women in this rather patriarchal environment.

Practical Solutions
to check
sexual repression

To reform the depraved and over-pampered Indian men
“Infrastructure capable of a subsidized brothel for every 1000 men needs to be commissioned immediately to stop this epidemic from spreading wider and deeper in society”
Setting up of Government authorized, regulated and subsidized brothels for the blue-collared or underprivileged Indian male. Libido is energy that needs to be released at healthy intervals, when it is contained for long durations; it curdles into perversion that leads to negative and criminal psychologies that keep growing into dark and devious outlets like violence and abuse.  Any psychologist would endorse this degeneration among individuals with unspent sexual energies.

To reform the (so-branded) insensitive, greedy and corrupt cops
“The livelihoods (living conditions and pay scales) of the personnel in Indian police forces unfortunately place the cops in the same demographic as the rapists.”

Blue-collared Indians [which include our frontline cops (Non IPS)] are surrounded by citizens with abundant finances, air-conditioned cars and all luxuries while they struggle everyday in the hot Indian conditions to plate three meals for their family every day.  The frustrations manifest an animosity towards the affluent and carefree urban middle class.
To understand the cops, it is important to spend time with cops and their families in their houses which are only slightly larger in physical dimension than the cells in jails for prisoners, when compared with the parameter of square feet divided by the no. of occupants in the cops quarters, the jail cell seems like a palace.  Further, many Indian police quarters do not even have attached toilets, though prison cells do.
“The cops too suffer from the same perversions of the criminals as they share similar depraved environments with financial and lifestyle aberrations.” 

If cops bribe recruitment officials to get into the force, they consider it only logical and moral that they will be compensated through corrupt means.  How in such an environment can we be expected to rely on cops? When they see every new complainant as a potential earning opportunity for themselves.  A look at the pay scales of cops would educate our otherwise literate Indian classes that the Govt. expects them to survive at a monthly income which is half of a manual labourers cumulative monthly income.  Today, a plumber makes five times the amount of money compared to a cop’s salary. Only pay scale revision, better living conditions will make cops sensitive to other citizens’ peeves and pains. Cops need to be treated as equal citizens for them to get sensitized to fellow citizens.
To reform the Judicial and Policing systems
The Indian judiciary should like the west encourage financial penalties as for crimes along with jail terms.  By forwarding a slice of the punitive collection to cops as their incentive for bringing criminals to court, the income and inclinations of police personnel will deliver better sensitivity and efficacy. This solution to increment the livelihoods of Indian cops without widening the current account deficit of India.  The volume of cases will drive policy makers to check growing depravity among fellow Indians, who are turning into criminals.

“This will cull corruption amongst the frontline police cadre and bring forth more cohesion amongst citizens and their protectors.”

The on-going PR crises of the Indian Police has deepened in the wake of the last few incidents in the last quarter, where those cops have allegedly been numb towards the victim and their families pain and instead fuelled their apathy by trying to subvert the episode.  Incentivizing cops’ efforts to bring crime to book will shine a new ray of hope for this otherwise no-win and abysmal situation for Indian citizens with respect to the worsening of the already helpless law and order situation.

“The Aam Aadmi Party has evidently created a make-shift supplementary system for victims and their families to seek justice, and the whole system prima facie seems very democratic and functionally efficient.  As such, solutions on frontline management of cases are not included in this letter.”
Logical Benefits
While the solutions defined above are holistic, we are reiterating only the salient benefits...
Sensitized Police Forces
With revised pay scales and more humane living conditions, cops will feel like equal citizens of the country, feeling the pain of fellow citizens flipping most to turn over leaf.  Further, their lust for media recognition for their humanitarian feats on duty would be a further incentive.  Thus, more genuine complainants would come forward for their assistance.
Crimes out of the closet
More crimes being registered always is a trigger to reform the respective laws that may be functionally toothless when seen as deterrents.  Evolution of the judiciary is stagnant ever since they are only trying to cope with the large volume of impending cases rather than introspecting progressive and reforms to the laws as crimes evolve with demographic changes in the country.
Victims inclined to report cases
“More families will see reason in reporting cases, which has to be the first benchmark of success in this subject.”
Controlled depravity ratios
“With availability of affordable and legitimate sexual outlets, lesser volumes of depraved citizens will get perverted and women will feel safer.”
Reduced Trafficking of Women
Illicit trafficking of women and their abuse will reduce as official brothels will be governed, and even be a viable option for destitute women who opt for this trade voluntarily. They will finally be able to do so at their own terms and be assured of the clean and hygienic conditions, and be able to insist on safe sex methodologies and keep a fair share of their earnings and progress in their lives. 
“If we can have government-run fair price shops, why not affordable brothels, is that more embarrassing than facing the option of brutal rapes of infant girls?”
Safer society for women and children
“Only perversion can make a minor a sex target.  With release of sexual energies, our children will be safer, and needless to mention the women folk will be able to focus on progress rather than protection.”