Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ride the Surf - New Dot Com Ideas and Opportunities NOT for the near-sighted!

Cheers !
To all those who seek to win their daily bread and butter from Indian Netizens!
Most literate Indians have FB accounts, use electronic banking, download forms and documentation for all govt. liaison their social and professional lives involve.
Surfing trends and online activities are evolving as new migrants enter the online space in India.  Social Networking, Smart Phones and the growth of PC penetration are the constant drivers of evolution in net usage trends.
Even our tardy Government offices are waking up to the proliferation of net users in India and are now beginning to get on the online bus to become more efficient.  The Passport Office, The Electorate Office, The Unique ID (Aadhar Card), Nationalised Banks are all pulling up their socks. eTax filing is a sign of the times.
The burgeoning Indian economy has spiralled the spread, of the Indian online eco-space. The density of Pc’s, smart mobiles and their web connectivity across the literate demographies in India, are radically evolving  the consumption grids.  While all this has been happening, we continue to analyze markets and grids using tools which became antiquated over a decade ago.

Factors triggering new trends & opportunities in the Indian e-space:

·        Changing surfing and networking trends of Indian netizens,
·        The rapid inclusion of new migrants to the web space in India,
·        The faster pace of learning catapulted by info-sharing on social networks
·        Smart phones adding to the web hours of netizens
·        New netizen sub-groups

An incisive look into each of these factors would show us that we have been using dated periscopes to check the depth and environment of the web space around us.  Ecommerce and networking are dinosaur ideas if they are not used as components and tools and not the whole.
The new latent areas of development have been engagement through niche interests and needs.  Delight needs are more secure, but the new stated needs in the market space are the first indicators to attract focus audiences and focus advertisers.
Not only is this more lucrative in today’s evolving times, it is also more affordable.

Healthcare Opportunities …
On the W.W.Web is one key example today is,
While there are millions of organized and unorganized players saturating the space in common goods and services, how many domestic B2C sites cater to healthcare needs of Indian patients with common lifestyles diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac Issues, Respiratory Disorders, Acidity, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Thyroid.  Other potential healthcare areas are Pregnancy & Infant care, Paliative Care, Sports Medicine, Skin Disorders and Ageing, Cosmetic Surgery.
There are a huge number of OTC brands and products (free-to-purchase) approved by FDA that have the permissions and budgets to spend millions on their products.  A few examples of OTC Products in India would be Eno Antacid, Disprin, Triple Cal/ShellCal, Johnson & Johnsons, Pampers, Procter & Gamble, we can go on and on with the names.  Ayurvedic products have also gained traction in the last few years amongst the otherwise rigid western medicine loyalists.  Homeopathic brands like Dr. Batra are reporting growth at a scorching pace.  Last, but not the least, are private hospitals, hospices and clinics which are hungry for share-of-voice in this space.
Also medical tourism is one key domain trigger that has drawn the attention of MNC Healthcare brands to the Indian sub-continent.  There may be some revenue to juice out from there as well.
Currently, when you search for the above domains, you will see the potential when you notice, like many of us did, that MNC players are milking this space and in fact Indian hits make a very large slice of their audience. 
To evince the skeptics in you of the validity of these opportunities, I will post research stats on specific lifestyle diseases.
How to engage?
Today, the new patients of lifestyle diseases are more than interested in staying updated with information regarding their illnesses and new research and medicines are seen as a transient panacea for their subsistence.
Forming clubs which receive weekly news letters, and renowned specialists available at their fingertips for second third or generic advice are the keys to success of these sites.  There is much more one can do to engage the database of users on your site.  However, too many apples a day, will surely make the doctor a very rich guy.
Would appreciate if readers added value to this forum, and we can together lead with identifying new grids and not follow the west as usual. Thanks, God Bless.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Join Media protest - Mid-Day Journo 'Akela' 's unjust arrest under OSA Act 4 exposg RPF lapses

MiD DAY reporter jailed for exposing Railway lapses
 (Case Text from Mid-Day's published article)
IN what can be construed as an assault on the freedom of the press, MiD DAY reporter Tarakant Dwivedi, better known as Akela, has been put behind bars by the CST Government Railway Police (GRP) for exposing the poor condition in which hi-tech weapons procured after the 26/11 attack were being kept by the railway security forces.

The article published in Mumbai Mirror ('Leaks in CST armoury put new anti-terror arms under threat', June 28, 2010), where Akela used to work before joining MiD DAY, stated that all the new arms and ammunition were stored in a dank, decrepit room, where water was dripping from the roof and damaging them.

Akela, a veteran journalist with more than 15 years of experience under his belt, had reported on the issue in public interest and the article had shaken the railway security forces out of their slumber and had even resulted in the transfers of a few senior officials.

Clearly, however, this article, and others before it, rubbed some officials in high places the wrong way, for one Pradeep Sontalia tried to file a complaint against Akela, a policeman and one more person with the CST GRP for trespassing into the Arms Koth (armoury) of the Cash Guard Section in connection with the article in September that year.

When they refused to take his complaint, Sontalia went to the Railway Court, which directed the GRP to inquire into the case and an FIR was finally registered against the three people under Section 447 (trespassing) of the IPC.

Later Sontalia went to the GRP again, asking for the trio to be booked under the draconian Official Secrets Act as they had got into a government armoury.

But, since he was told that only government officials could file a case under this act, he went to the Railway Police Force (RPF) and got one of its officers to file a case on his behalf. Later, the court asked the police to investigate the case under the Official Secrets Act although it was not mentioned in the first FIR.

On Tuesday evening, GRP officials came to the MiD DAY office in Parel to inquire about Akela. They took him to the GRP police station saying they wanted to take his statement, but, later that night, arrested him claiming he was accused of trespassing and of violating the provisions of the Official Secrets Act.

No papers
Akela was supposed to be produced in the Railway Court early last morning but constables kept telling MiD DAY that the papers they needed to submit before the honourable judge were not ready. When we went to the investigating officer, however, he said that he had already sent the papers. We even spotted a constable standing with the papers near the court but not producing them before the judge, leading us to conclude that the process was deliberately being delayed.

ACP in lock-up?
Assistant Commissioner of Police Anil Mahabole, who has no jurisdiction under the railways as he is associated with the city police, allegedly walked into the lock-up before the hearing had started.

He met Akela and said, "I wanted to see you here." He made some more comments and then instructed a constable to keep a tab on the people visiting Akela and to note down their details.

Akela has been remanded in police custody till May 21.

Readers, if you have reached the bottom of this story, and would like to support the protest regarding his unjust arrest, under an inappropriate Offical Secrets Act.  Kindly leave a comment, share this on ur fb account, retweet this link and follow this space to be informed by mail of any on-ground events that are planned to protest this hideous act bu the Railways Police Force. 
Peace & love, 
Love Baronia.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A win-for-all solution on the Ayodhya Dispute for the SC Judges

A simple solution to the Ayodhya Angst
Since eternity, politicians have looked for pegs to invoke common emotional brouhahas to integrate commoners and use them for their vested interests in the space. Even on Ayodhya, the politicos have instilled the  fear of another ensuing communal catastrophe, to keep us civil Indians nervous and away from the fantacism.

However, technology has transformed democracy, no longer is it constrained to be a cumbersome process to choose ur country's fate every 5 years.  We, the literate, urban, rationalist Indians have not just been empowered by RTI, PIL, we now have convenience in participating without disrupting our lives through blogs, facebook, Twitter.  Anna Hazare's campaign gained traction online and on cell phones more than the TV channels.
So, let us view the Ayodhya dispute as an opportunity to end our third-world vulnerability to cower under the almost obsolete religion distinction, let us put our money where our "humanity first" mouths have been.   

Centuries-old documents hazing the clarity on the case, no decision would be 100%, so we recommend a Korean auto brand's line,  "When we can't change the rules, we change the game".

The Solution even God would have wanted....
On the disputed plot of land, we recommend  a state-of-the-art hospital or school be built which would be free for the poor and needy from all religions and races. Asking all religious associations, groups and parties to donate for the same, would make for the making of a truly secular modern India monument for the world to see and follow as an example of productive thinking and harmonious living in commune.

A win-win solution for all
Being a religion-proof solution, with all earning credit in the wholesomeness of the cause, and even fundamentalist parties have now resolved to secular as the popular stance, we expect all to amicably agree to the SC suggestion/directive.

If u read this far, and support the idea, pl leave a comment as this space, will be presented as a cumulative legal opinion of modern India on the dispute, for the Judges of the Supreme Court to appraise and analyse before reaching a decision.  Your support can end this century-old debacle, once and for all!

As a rationalist thinking responsible citizen, do at least ur li'l bit of the following.  

Leave a comment, tweet it, post this link on ur fb acccount, whatever u can do, to give the endorsement of the civil literate fair side of India a voice, with a simple yet sweet solution. Help make this a movement, creating a precedent for the world to follow from India.

Praying for support,
May Humanity Prevail over Distinction,
Common sense over communal catastrophe,
Peace & love, 
Love Baronia

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dell and their myopia

Dell and their myopia in their Indian vision

Word-of-mouth makes Dell the perception leader, and gratification achiever amongst all PC users in India. However, the brand has been doing li'l to join the dots and make a large canvas out of it. I am not going to assume teh cliche of complacency, they clearly are too busy upgrading their products to keep the gratification of buyers high with evolution.

Since, it is considered the best product technically, and quality-wise in India, it is already poised the premium "Intel Inside" stable. And the premium labelling need not be seen as a price push pointer, I am probably referring to the "Bata" kind of attributes, where quality met fair pricing, which is what I find in Dell's products. So, it can be perceived as premium with fair pricing.

Sometimes, the glory and compliments need to be pronounced to create the halo of tertiary ovation, which Dell is completely oblivious about, for some reason. Here are some ideas -

Scholarships which offer 60% discount to the university's Top 100 every year in every genre of education.

Dell Scholarships that assist meritorious graduates in attaining admissions in the right B-schools or coveted engg institutions.

Dell reserve quota in premier educational institutions for meritorious students.

Launch of Dell's self-owned premier scholarships/Institutes on design, development and animation.

Dell creative cafes, very premium kiosks for most Dell users to sit and work, as the entrepreunial spirit grows.

A Testimonial contest amongst existing owners on what makes Dell their choice and the best.

A testimonial campaign among technocrat celebrity users of Dell products, to endorse Dell not just as a popular choice, but the intelligent conscious choice.

A Dell achiever of the year promotion, which commemorates the achievements of entreprenuers, professionals or students in any space who are also Dell users.

These are just some of the Ideas, that can be rendered thru ATL procured or editorial media to append the pixie dust and integrate user pride in the brand.

Wake up Dell and get a pair of our lenses, to see all the opportunities sitting right under our noses.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is "Narrow Casting" the nextgen solution for media?


After decades of looking for spillage-safe solutions in Media to optimize the mileage of the marketing Rupee, the rigidity in the media space has maintained the polarization of popular generic products, or B2B products, which still elude the consumer. There are few products that have garnered a healthy bunch of enthusiasts, who are happy reading developments in the space of their interest.

If brands are able to decipher which are the products or services being used by their potential consumers, why aren't they reaching out to them through media vehicles designed only for those pointed audiences, which clearly have the need, the resources, interest and inclination in their product.

A lot of brand crafters will say, we do, we DM them!

But isn't DM an entirely different story again, the thorn-laden route of the "unsolicited material", not to mention that the sudden conversion of the middle class into lusty consumers of most things money can buy, has increased the volumes of each such niche segment. Not just geographic scatter, the sheer volumes don't make DM an effective medium anymore.

The future of media marketing, according to me shall be narrow casting to interested users, through media vehicles which take the pain to understand the psyche, needs, delights and pains of that audience, so that they can male a connect with those readers, and expect to sustain the periodic communication.

Only then can you start thinking on monetizing the vehicle, that reaches a very focussed and typical audience with common characteristics, buying needs and behaviour.

With DM losing it's cost-efficiency and it's appeal value, the future is narrow casting of specialised products for audiences with specific needs.

The distinctions need to also be revamped from the new-third-world perspective, the regular distinguishers need to give away to newer more incisive and accurate grade-breakers, which will functionally categorize the groups and cater to them.

Finally, an example, about fifteen auto magazines are in the marketplace, and all are difficult to distinguish from each other, unless the dateline of the page reads you the name, they are creating and publishing to be eligible in their peers. All have common sections, different names and packaging, common information, rendered in slightly different styling.

I have one simple question, "If you love automobiles, is it not understood that the road tripping will be a never-ending fantasy, and so is the need to be updated on motorsport." However, most Indian Auto products are generic with sections devoted to motorsport and a travelogue thrown in once every other month.

There are enough clubs mushrooming in various parts of India on road tripping, and the manufacturers themselves are initiating various social products for their customers from different segments (The C, D segments).

We see a future of products which will be focussed at magazines for each specific segment of buyers, woven into the ethos of their lifestyles and priorities, which also decide the periphery of their fantasies.

Without finding a niche, the auto space will also go the way other sectors have gone, multiplicity is good, but just how much multiplicity is the question before, niches are found and established.

The auto space like any other nascent media segment has a lot to offer to all products on and offline, only if they do not crowd a common space, cannabilising into a small promiscious space of readers, when there is room for all to find secure niches with more specific and loyal patronage.

This is where narrow casting becomes a mantra again, when catering to niches, publishers need to be more efficient and accurate, as low volumes do not allow a large margin for error, and thus profiling the ethos, lifestyles and buying behaviour of not just media products, but all else, wil help publishers understand the universe of advertisers they can tote along with their products much more definitively.

So the way to go in most eco-spaces today is "narrow".

Pl add value to this forum and let us take this to a more tangible space.

Thanks & Cheers,

Love Baronia.