Sunday, May 15, 2011

A win-for-all solution on the Ayodhya Dispute for the SC Judges

A simple solution to the Ayodhya Angst
Since eternity, politicians have looked for pegs to invoke common emotional brouhahas to integrate commoners and use them for their vested interests in the space. Even on Ayodhya, the politicos have instilled the  fear of another ensuing communal catastrophe, to keep us civil Indians nervous and away from the fantacism.

However, technology has transformed democracy, no longer is it constrained to be a cumbersome process to choose ur country's fate every 5 years.  We, the literate, urban, rationalist Indians have not just been empowered by RTI, PIL, we now have convenience in participating without disrupting our lives through blogs, facebook, Twitter.  Anna Hazare's campaign gained traction online and on cell phones more than the TV channels.
So, let us view the Ayodhya dispute as an opportunity to end our third-world vulnerability to cower under the almost obsolete religion distinction, let us put our money where our "humanity first" mouths have been.   

Centuries-old documents hazing the clarity on the case, no decision would be 100%, so we recommend a Korean auto brand's line,  "When we can't change the rules, we change the game".

The Solution even God would have wanted....
On the disputed plot of land, we recommend  a state-of-the-art hospital or school be built which would be free for the poor and needy from all religions and races. Asking all religious associations, groups and parties to donate for the same, would make for the making of a truly secular modern India monument for the world to see and follow as an example of productive thinking and harmonious living in commune.

A win-win solution for all
Being a religion-proof solution, with all earning credit in the wholesomeness of the cause, and even fundamentalist parties have now resolved to secular as the popular stance, we expect all to amicably agree to the SC suggestion/directive.

If u read this far, and support the idea, pl leave a comment as this space, will be presented as a cumulative legal opinion of modern India on the dispute, for the Judges of the Supreme Court to appraise and analyse before reaching a decision.  Your support can end this century-old debacle, once and for all!

As a rationalist thinking responsible citizen, do at least ur li'l bit of the following.  

Leave a comment, tweet it, post this link on ur fb acccount, whatever u can do, to give the endorsement of the civil literate fair side of India a voice, with a simple yet sweet solution. Help make this a movement, creating a precedent for the world to follow from India.

Praying for support,
May Humanity Prevail over Distinction,
Common sense over communal catastrophe,
Peace & love, 
Love Baronia


ROHAN said...

but then what happens to the bjps, vhps, bajrang dals, ram senas, vanar senas and the other 'ram'forsaken senas of the world??? to give up their raison d'etre of 20 years for a hospital for the needy!?

ROHAN said...

utopian! think we havent evolved enough for this yet!

Love Baronia said...

that is the pessimism (fear of losing), that keeps us from moving north in life.

Love Baronia said...

Rohan is the apt example of how urban living and learning, also makes us passive subscription to all the imbalances in society. Activism thru the literate urban Indians has been only when the right thought is already incubated and launched, our social conditioning and defeatist thiking makes us underestimates oue individual power and thus our latent initiatives to integrate as the most resourceful force in India against political diseases.

ROHAN said...

i dont disagree with the idea... and yes the pessimism stems from the typical urban middle class conditioning... but mere posts on social sites and blogs aint going to bring about a revolution!
the tweephoria doesnt last too long

something more concrete needs to be done to grab the pols by the balls.. am game for further discussion on this...

Love Baronia said...

Rohan, at the very outset, thx for keeping this forum alive with ur voice n thoughts, u maybe understimating the power of blogs, tweets and facebook, when u say it is too small an effort. For me in my situation, this is the best I could do, for starters. If this gains traction, I will do all that is necessary, I have a cause I am unable to create on fb, otherwise, this would be circling up the thermals of fb causes in no time. and then i would plug it in to TV once it has garnered the eyeballs on fb.

So that is the vision, if u know some1 who can help me set up the fb cause page, pl do refer.

Ketaki Baronia said...

This solution will end this century old debate. Keep it up Love.

Kavita Sahu said...

Great idea..... Why not work on making this idea work.... I'm sure it'll be worth the effort....

Love Baronia said...


thx 4 ur kind appreciation, i need ppl like u to support this to take it fwd, so share this on ur fb wall, retweet as much as u can, join me in spreadg de common sense campaign.

thx again,