Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dell and their myopia

Dell and their myopia in their Indian vision

Word-of-mouth makes Dell the perception leader, and gratification achiever amongst all PC users in India. However, the brand has been doing li'l to join the dots and make a large canvas out of it. I am not going to assume teh cliche of complacency, they clearly are too busy upgrading their products to keep the gratification of buyers high with evolution.

Since, it is considered the best product technically, and quality-wise in India, it is already poised the premium "Intel Inside" stable. And the premium labelling need not be seen as a price push pointer, I am probably referring to the "Bata" kind of attributes, where quality met fair pricing, which is what I find in Dell's products. So, it can be perceived as premium with fair pricing.

Sometimes, the glory and compliments need to be pronounced to create the halo of tertiary ovation, which Dell is completely oblivious about, for some reason. Here are some ideas -

Scholarships which offer 60% discount to the university's Top 100 every year in every genre of education.

Dell Scholarships that assist meritorious graduates in attaining admissions in the right B-schools or coveted engg institutions.

Dell reserve quota in premier educational institutions for meritorious students.

Launch of Dell's self-owned premier scholarships/Institutes on design, development and animation.

Dell creative cafes, very premium kiosks for most Dell users to sit and work, as the entrepreunial spirit grows.

A Testimonial contest amongst existing owners on what makes Dell their choice and the best.

A testimonial campaign among technocrat celebrity users of Dell products, to endorse Dell not just as a popular choice, but the intelligent conscious choice.

A Dell achiever of the year promotion, which commemorates the achievements of entreprenuers, professionals or students in any space who are also Dell users.

These are just some of the Ideas, that can be rendered thru ATL procured or editorial media to append the pixie dust and integrate user pride in the brand.

Wake up Dell and get a pair of our lenses, to see all the opportunities sitting right under our noses.

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